News Release 2004-110 | December 16, 2004

Agencies Propose Data Collection Changes for Shared National Credits

Joint Release

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Office of Thrift Supervision

The federal banking and thrift regulatory agencies today requested public comment on proposed changes to the data collection process that supports the Shared National Credit review of large syndicated loans.

The program, which has been in place since 1977, is an interagency examination and supervision effort designed to evaluate loan commitments aggregating $20 million or more that are shared by three or more supervised institutions. The program provides a process to assign uniform credit ratings for shared national credits in addition to collecting and analyzing data that regulators use to monitor credit conditions and trends at the nation's largest banks.

The proposed data collection changes would enable the agencies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of credit reviews, support continued risk-focusing efforts in the program, and provide comparative credit risk information to banks and regulatory supervisors. Under the proposal, the data collection changes would be implemented with the 2007 review, employing data as of December 31, 2006.

The interagency notice is attached. Comments are requested by February 15, 2005.

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