News Release 2007-81 | August 9, 2007

Comptroller Distributes Booklet to Help Banks Fight Child Pornography

WASHINGTON — Comptroller of the Currency John C. Dugan today wrote chief executive officers of national banks and interested groups to share best practices for the prevention and detection of commercial child pornography.

In his letter, the Comptroller announced that the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is collaborating with The Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography to distribute "Internet Merchant Acquisition and Monitoring Best Practices for the Prevention and Detection of Commercial Child Pornography" to national banks and other interested parties as a service to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC).

"This paper shares best practices that make good business sense for the financial services sector," said Comptroller Dugan. "By sharing these ideas and practices with broader audiences, the industry can make a difference in the fight against child pornographers by hitting them in their wallets."

The document compiles methods that some coalition members have used in their merchant application and verification process to detect child pornographers and prevent them from establishing and maintaining merchant accounts. Such efforts disrupt the pornographers' business, making it more difficult, and less profitable.

"We're honored that Comptroller Dugan is supporting the Coalition's efforts by distributing the best practices document to national banks," said Ernie Allen, President and CEO of NCMEC and Chairman of the Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography. "Since the Coalition's launch, the OCC has been a great advisor and collaborator. We are grateful for their leadership."

The Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography includes banks, Internet service providers, and online payment providers. It is managed by the non-profit NCMEC and its sister agency, the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children.

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