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News Release 2008-6 | January 23, 2008

Tim Long and Jennifer Kelly Named to Key Supervision Posts

WASHINGTON — Comptroller of the Currency John C. Dugan announced today he has named Tim Long to be Senior Deputy Comptroller for Bank Supervision Policy, and that Jennifer Kelly will succeed Mr. Long as Senior Deputy Comptroller for Mid-Size and Community Bank Supervision.

In his new role, Mr. Long will also serve as Chief National Bank Examiner and as Chairman of the Committee on Bank Supervision, which coordinates the OCC’s supervisory activities. Ms. Kelly will also serve on the committee, along with Doug Roeder, Senior Deputy Comptroller for Large Bank Supervision.

Mr. Long succeeds Wayne Rushton, who will retire from the OCC in April after 42 years of service. Both appointments will start at that time, ensuring a smooth transition, Mr. Dugan said. "It’s always difficult to lose a senior executive who has the kind of experience and talent that Wayne brought to the job," Mr. Dugan said. "But I am pleased that Tim and Jennifer have agreed to take on these new responsibilities. They both have extensive and varied backgrounds in bank supervision, and they’re the perfect choices to lead these arms of the OCC’s bank supervision program."

Mr. Long joined the OCC in 1979, and held field positions in the Western and Southwestern Districts before moving to the Multinational Banking Division, where he gained substantial problem bank experience during the energy and real estate lending problems of the late 1980s and early 1990s. He has held a series of leadership positions in the large bank arena, serving as Examiner-in-Charge of Nationsbank (now Bank of America), Wells Fargo Bank, and First Interstate Bank, before becoming one of the agency’s three Large Bank Deputy Comptrollers. As Senior Deputy Comptroller for Mid-Size and Community Bank Supervision, he oversaw the creation of the current mid-size program and implementation of the agency’s risk-based approach to bank supervision.

 Ms. Kelly, who also joined the agency in 1979, has worked in problem bank supervision and policy development, and gained international experience during a one-year assignment to the Bank of England's bank supervision department. She served as the Deputy Comptroller for Continuing Education, where she was responsible for the training and development of the OCC's examination staff, before assuming her current duties as Deputy Comptroller for Mid-Size and Credit Card Bank Supervision. In that capacity, she was the architect of the agency’s current approach to supervision of this important group of banks.

Mr. Rushton started his OCC career in 1965 as an assistant national bank examiner. In 1975, he became Examiner-in-Charge of the Atlanta Sub region. He later served as a LEGIS fellow in the U.S. Congress in 1981, and then held assignments as the first director of the OCC's Regional Bank Division, Director of Multinational and Regional Bank Supervision, and Deputy Comptroller for Multinational Banking, where he developed the OCC’s first large bank resident examiner program. In 1989, he was named deputy to the Director of the Resolution Trust Corporation, where he was in the first wave of supervisors dealing with the savings and loan clean-up, and he later served as director of the OCC’s Special Resolutions Department. He became Examiner-in-Charge of SunTrust Banks in 1993, and was named Senior Deputy Comptroller for Bank Supervision Policy in 1997.


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