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News Release 2008-69 | June 16, 2008

OCC Enforcement Actions

WASHINGTON—The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) today released new enforcement actions taken against national banks and individuals currently and formerly affiliated with national banks.

A list of enforcement actions previously disclosed and copies of the actual documents are available from the OCC's Communications Division by writing to: Comptroller of the Currency, Public Information Room (1-5), Washington, DC 20219. Requests made by facsimile transmission should be sent to (202) 874-4448. Please include the identifying enforcement action number when placing an order. Enforcement actions are also listed monthly in OCC Interpretations and Actions. Subscriptions to that publication are available from the OCC's Communications Division.

The OCC also maintains a searchable database of all public enforcement actions taken since August 1989 on its website located at

Cease and Desist Orders
No. Name / Bank / City Date
2008-038 Eastern National Bank, Miami 06/04/2008

Civil Money Penalty Orders
No. Name / Bank / City Date
2008-039 First National Bank of Monahans, Monahans 05/23/2008

Formal Agreements
No. Name / Bank / City Date
2008-040 Legacy National Bank, Springdale 04/24/2008
2008-041 Metropolitan National Bank, Little Rock 05/22/2008
2008-042 Canon National Bank, Canon City 05/19/2008
2008-043 Security Bank National Association, North Lauderdale 04/03/2008
2008-044 Amcore Bank, National Association, Rockford 05/15/2008
2008-045 National Bank of Kansas City, Overland Park 05/20/2008
2008-046 First National Bank USA, Boutte 05/21/2008
New York
2008-047 Marathon National Bank of New York, Astoria 05/22/2008
2008-048 The Morris County National Bank of Naples, Naples 04/15/2008

Removal / Prohibition Orders
No. Name / Bank / City Date
2008-049 Elizabeth M. Culbertson, The Lemont National Bank, Lemont 05/29/2008
North Carolina
2008-050 Susan Ann Lyerly, First National Bank and Trust Company, Asheboro 05/09/2008

Terminations of Existing Enforcement Actions
No. Type / Name / Bank / City / Old EA# Date
2008-051 C&D, Amcore Bank, National Association, Rockford (EA# 2006-81) 04/14/2008
2008-051 FA, Amcore Bank, National Association, Rockford (EA# 2005-58) 04/14/2008
2008-052 FA, The First National Bank of Bellevue, Bellevue (EA# 2006-145) 04/29/2008

For copies, please call (202) 874-5043.

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