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News Release 2011-3 | January 18, 2011

Martin Pfinsgraff Named Deputy Comptroller for Credit and Market Risk

WASHINGTON — The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) announced today that Martin Pfinsgraff has been hired as the OCC’s Deputy Comptroller for Credit and Market Risk.

"I am delighted that Martin Pfinsgraff will be joining the OCC," said Senior Deputy Comptroller Timothy Long.  "This is an important OCC position and Marty brings over 30 years of experience in finance and risk management across the banking, insurance, and securities industry."

Mr. Pfinsgraff will manage and direct the agency’s market risk activities, the capital markets information gathering activities, credit and market risk policy formulation, and serve as Co-Chair of the OCC’s National Risk Committee.

Prior to joining the OCC, Mr. Pfinsgraff was the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for iJet International, a worldwide risk management company.  He co-founded iJet International in 2000.

Previously, Mr. Pfinsgraff served as President of Prudential Securities Capital Markets where he was responsible for overseeing debt and equity research, sales, trading, and global investment banking operations having previously served as Chief Financial Officer.  He also served as Treasurer of Prudential Insurance Company.

Mr. Pfinsgraff holds a Masters degree in Finance from Harvard Business School and earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.  He is a graduate of Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

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