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News Release 2021-4 | January 7, 2021

Acting Comptroller of the Currency Statement Regarding Capitol Riot and the OCC’s Enduring Mission

WASHINGTON, DC – Acting Comptroller of the Currency Brian P. Brooks issued the following statement to staff regarding the violent riots at the Capitol yesterday.

Yesterday, we witnessed one of the ugliest moments in recent history. Violence and wanton lawlessness cannot be condoned.

I echo Secretary Mnuchin’s words in his recent message that the violence that occurred at the Capitol yesterday was completely unacceptable and share his confidence that our democracy will prevail, and our institutions will remain strong.

The Constitutional process that has guaranteed peaceful transition of power from administration to administration for more than 240 years must be respected and defended.

In the midst of the current unrest, OCC leadership and staff remain on the job. We do so not because we condone the events of the past 24 hours but because our agency’s mission is an apolitical one on which millions of Americans depend. We continue to focus on ensuring the federal banking system operates in a safe, sound, and fair manner, uninterrupted by election results, natural disasters, or global conflict. The work we do every day is critical to meeting the financial needs of our fellow Americans who still need to buy homes, pay their bills, finance their educations, and operate their businesses. As we have for 158 years, the OCC will continue to focus on our mission. For months, we have participated in the Presidential transition planning process to ensure that work proceeds, and I know the country can count on you to ensure we continue to fulfill our important responsibilities.

I am incredibly proud of the work we do and am grateful for your continued professionalism and dedication.

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