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Foreclosure Prevention

A home is often a family's most valuable possession. Preventing avoidable foreclosures helps keep families in their homes, preserves communities, and prevents avoidable loss. The "Making Home Affordable" plan provides responsible homeowners with support to obtain affordable refinancing or loan modifications to help them stay in their homes.

Contact a legitimate housing or financial counselor to help you work through your problems.

  • To find a counselor, contact the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at (800) 569-4287 or (877) 483-1515, or visit their website.
  • Call (888) 995-HOPE, the Homeowner's HOPE Hotline, to reach a nonprofit, HUD-approved counselor through HOPE NOW, a cooperative effort of mortgage counselors and lenders to assist homeowners.
  • Visit NeighborWorks America's website.

Visit the "Making Home Affordable" program website for more information about the administration's program to assist troubled homeowners with refinancing or loan modifications.

Avoid Foreclosure Prevention Scams

If someone offers to negotiate a loan modification for you or to stop or delay foreclosure for a fee, carefully check his or her credentials, reputation, and experience; watch out for warning signs of a scam; and always maintain personal contact with your lender and mortgage servicer. Your mortgage lender can help you find real options to avoid foreclosure. It is important to contact your mortgage lender early to preserve all your options. There are legitimate consumer financial counseling agencies that can help you work with your lender. Read Consumer Advisory 2008-1 for more information on protecting yourself from foreclosure prevention scams.

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